Ears in Austin

  1. barryt
    HI, I am looking for constructive auditioning and reviews of my new headphone amplifier now in its pre-production stage, preferably in or about Austin so we can meet and and I can learn more about what you hear.

    Replay here, thank you,

    Barry Thornton - Austin AudioWorks.com
  2. buke9
    Not anywhere close to Texas but was curious about what type of amp your building?
  3. Monsterzero
    It looks interesting,its on his website...too bad im not in ATex
  4. buke9
    Just check it out your right interesting. By the look of it a few mortgage payments. Would love to hear it though.
  5. barryt
    Hello Buke9,

    Thank you for your interest. To answer the question let me offer that I have designed and am building an amplifier that employs neither global or sub-global stage feedback and operating in a Class-A regime. Gain is achieved employing a current-mode technology (the domain of transistor operation) rather than a voltage-mode topology (the domain of tube operation) resulting in neither a "tube' or "solid-state" sound but only transparency and 'speed'. It is an amazing headphone driving technology and I refer you to the Critiques on my website from auditioners who bought the prototypes and early pre-pre product unit.

    Yes, it costs a few bucks - they are expensive to make and hand build. I expect to release finished product before March as I am now resolving the final cosmetics, the 'guts' are production. There will be a few of these early pre-production units available after they have been used for early critiquing such as my request in the posting looking for auditioners.

    I also offer a most remarkable phone preamplifier (The Black Swan) and will soon have a DAC (The BlackDAC).

    Welcome to a celebration of American bootstrap entrepreneurism.

    Thank you.

    Barry Thornton - austinaudioworks.com

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