earphone solution iem deals!!
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May 24, 2003
Forgive me if this has already been posted. I did a quick scan on the forum and couldn't see any reference.

Earphone solutions are doing a holiday savings, so anyone in the market for a pair of sennheiser, shure, klipsch, UE, and westone's can save a little bit of money.

Earphone Solutions - Ultimate Ears Earphones, Shure Headphones and Westone Earphones - The Best Earphones for iPod Comparisons and Reviews

Sennheiser 15% off - coupon "thanks15"
shure 25% off - coupon "thanks25"
klipsch 25% off - coupon "thanks25"
UE's 15% off - coupon "thanks15"
Westone 10% off - coupon "thanks10"

Don't know how much of a deal this is overall, but any money saved in this economic climate can't be a bad thing.

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