Earphone DIY Labs Wood Grado Cups + Dimensions!
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Mar 1, 2007
Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/WQTBVze

Hello everyone! I received a set of wood cups from Earphone DIY Labs this afternoon. At $60, these are about the cheapest cups you can get, but be aware they are not full cups and are intended to be used with the Grado sleeves. I would consider them to be primarily an aesthetic upgrade rather than an acoustic one due to this design. I hope this is helpful for anyone considering this product. The drawings at the end of the album are my measurements, YMMV.

Full disclosure, I was told I could get the shipping fee ($20) waived by posting about the cups online. To avoid any conflict of interest, I have refrained from noting any subjective opinions about the product and have stuck with objective observations and measurements. I'll be glad to give my opinions, but only if asked to.

Comments, in no particular order:

  • The kit comes with steel gimbals. They weigh 31g each, while cups are 20g each.

  • Gimbal shafts are canted at about 10 degrees and are also steel, but are not painted/coated.

  • The mounting hardware is random. 5 half moon clips, 4 cup swivels, 3 fat o-rings, 7 smaller o-rings, and 3 rubber caps. I'm not quite sure how the o-rings are supposed to be arranged.

  • The cups are designed to accommodate the drivers inside sleeves and will not work with bare aftermarket drivers. The ID is 50mm, as shown. Anyone know where I can get sleeves?

  • Craftsmanship had no serious defects. Surface finish is similar, with a semi-gloss finish and no visible tool or sanding marks. Some fit-and-finish problems existed, however. The lettering was neat, but inconsistent in depth between words. One of the gimbal swivel holes was slightly undersized and required some force to get the pin through. I suspect there was excess paint in the hole, but once inserted, the hole was right-sized.

  • I have no sonic impressions yet. I may drop my SR-60e drivers in this and see how it sounds, but, due to the design, I doubt they'll make much difference.

  • Order 2335 took 10 days to get to me from overseas.

  • The wire mesh is approximately 0.5mm thick with 1.3mm holes. It's glued to the inside of the cups.

  • Package also included a pair of generic pads. Yay.
  • Customer service was very knowledgeable and responsive via email
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