Earbud conundrum
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Jun 25, 2014
Hello All,
I am currently in the market for some new earbuds for on the go and at work.  I have looked a tons of website rankings of earbuds and have a fairly balanced idea of what is out there.  The first pair I bought (on a whim while out shopping) to try was the Klipsch R6 since them seem to get favorable reviews and weren't crazy expensive.  I got them home and tried them out and realized that I was just not getting a good fit in my ear with any of the tips.  I got some good sound if I pushed them in pretty hard but once I let go they would recede a bit and then the sound was horrible.  
I found some old earbuds at work in original packaging.  These are the conventional earbuds with the flat face.  I tried them out and found a tremendous difference in sound.  These are some cheap ones that came with an old mobile phone but sounded amazing.  The bass was lacking but the sound quality was night and day from the Klipsch.
Ok now on to the question..sorry that took a bit long to explain.  Does anyone have any recommendations on current conventional earbuds that anyone makes right now?  I saw that Sennheisser made one still, and was wondering if they are good or not.  Or, any tips on getting the Klipsch R6 to work?
Thanks for any information you can give

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