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Ear woes

  1. mrip541
    Long story short, I’m dealing with a combo of TMJ issues and a viral ear infection. My ENT says to just wait it out with advil. It’s been 12 days and my right ear still feels like crap, I still have seriously impaired hearing above 8kHz, and I am VERY CONCERNED. Because the standard hearing test I had only went up to 8k the doc considers my hearing to be "completely normal" even though I have a dip at 8k, and above that my hearing drops off a cliff. As a musician and music lover I’m losing it. Have any of you dealt with an ear infection that lasted this long? Did you have hearing loss that fixed itself? I’m sitting here feeling completely defeated and no one else is concerned.
  2. redkingjoe
    Now if you are having a viral infection, there’s not many drugs that work well on virus. The usual practice is to improve the body’s immune function so that our body recovers itself.

    The usual advice for virus attack is to drink lot of water and rest. But taking higher dosage vitamins C and Zinc will help to improve our immune system.

    If you wanna try alternative medicine, it will be helpful to know the kind of virus that is attacking you at the moment. Certain herbs, amino, supplements will inhibit certain types of virus.

    When I got virus infections, I usually take a formula called “defence plus” so as to recover faster. I recommended it to many friends and it seems working well.
  3. redkingjoe

    You might wanna google the ingredients of this formula.

    I have been using it for more than ten years. Most of the ingredients in this formula fight against virus.

    Also, it takes longer time for the ears to get well as the circulation is not that well.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2017

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