E4 foamies on Ety ER-4P, and comparison
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Feb 27, 2006

I´ve read here that etymotic foamies can be used on the Shure e4.
Is the reverse the case as well, or are there issues?

Reason I am asking is I bought the e4 AND a supply of foamies, having found this is the only way for me to get adequate isolation/bass response. Before I really had the chance to check out the e4 with the discs I know well, they were stolen. I am now left with the foamies, and since I have to re-acquire in-ears, I am considering trying the etymotic ER4P, since they are in a comparable category to the Shure E4 and I got the feeling people are struggling less to get decent bass out of them.

I am aware good isolation is the issue here, it is just that even with a decent foam fit, the e4 was *just* adequate low down, and I am not talking da phat sub hop but even acoustic/symphonic.

I would appreciate input on the faomie fit case and whether trying the Etys is a good pragmatic choice. i wish I had had more time with the Shures, though - it´s just they havent blown me away in the short time I had them.


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