E3 E3c and Amplifier or Attenuator
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Feb 13, 2003
How do folks feel the E3 benefits from an amplifier?

After several months of getting used to my E3's straight out of a Zen, and experimenting with an attenuator (radioshack volume control), I decided to spend some time using it with my airhead.

I can definitely notice a difference. Even though the Zen is plenty loud without amplification, the airhead seems to do two things for the sound. First, the upper midrange is mellowed a bit (it seemed a bit harsh before.) This is the biggest difference. Second, the low end seems more "controlled." Overall, its a noticeable improvement, imo.

I wonder what others have found with different amps and sources.

At this point, I'm ready to give up using an attenuator and use an amp for more critical listening. How much improvement might I see with an even better amplifier?


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