E-Mu 0404 (not the PC card, but external model)
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Well I am assuming you mean using Computer as Source, which is why there is a seperate forum for that. There are 100's to 1000's of posts on the EMU0404 on that forum so please search there.
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selfdivider, there is sort of a loose protocol regarding the E-MU products on the forum here....if you are referring to the 0404 USB, please use the exact term "0404 USB"; if you mean the PCI card, please use the term "0404 PCI". You wouldn't believe how much confusion has occurred both on the forum and in PM's due to someone not being specific about which device the questioned pertained.

And jilgiljongiljing is correct.....there are 1000's of posts about the 0404 USB in the Computer Audio forum here.

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Got it. Thanks guys. I'll look over at the computer section.

I was actually looking to see if there was a way I could use the Emu 0404 USB as DAC to Squeezebox 3, as source component, not computer DAC. Specifically, I wanted to see if there are good DACs out there which use AKM 4396 chips that I can use as source.
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For some reason, it seems that the major consumer audio manufacturers lean heavily on TI/BB or Cirrus for their DAC chips. The Transporter is one of the few products oriented toward the consumer audio market that uses the AK4396.

Yes, the 0404 USB will take a coax or optical S/PDIF input and work as an outboard DAC without a computer. I'd suggest visiting the E-MU site and downloading the manual; it has some advice about using the 0404 USB in that mode. IIRC, there is also some info in the Knowledge Base there about that; however, it might be the same as incorporated in the later versions of the manual (the original print and pdf manual was unclear on a few points with respect to standalone operation.)

I do know that the 0404 USB seems to have problems with coax input from some devices that are in the low end of the voltage range on their coax outputs.

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