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Dynamic sound vs Planar Magnetic sound

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by lord voldemort, Dec 20, 2012.
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  1. dhruvmeena96
    Well guys, the sound wall effect you get from any planar type speaker is due to a very different impulse it produces compared to dynamic. Dynamic can pull air back and push it and planar only vibrates the air, hence filling it...

    Electrostatic is better in the terms as the sound is more controlled due to signal plates or electret... And diaphragm is a charge sheet getting attracted through and fro.. This creates a dynamic driver piston sound while keeping a bigger surface area and planar level thin and light film....so they sound relatively cleaner and more natural than planar magnetic.

    Planar magnetic is a signal driven film between a set of magnet and can be under damped and weird in impulse what we receive in our eardrum. So manufacturers damp them both electrically, mechanically and physically..

    This is what planar all about(audeze damps a lot, sacrificing sensitivity and increasing heck of impedance, but not with LCD 4z).

    HiFiman does it electrical way only so they are seen to be less damped by foam etc.

    Dynamic driver is more conventional and is nearly for a century now. The only drawback is impedance of coil and diaphragm thickness issue.

    Some people are creating self biased film electrostatic(dharma headphones) and circular planar magnetic with center core movement(oppo pm1)

    They are taking best of all worlds but are still a new concept which can be still improved upon
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  2. 71 dB
    Planar speakers have bigger directivity, because the area of radiation is larger. The radiation pattern is very different compared to typical boxed speakers and direct sound from a planar speaker dominates more compared to the reflections and reverberation in the listening room.
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  3. dhruvmeena96
    Well this is also true

    But the hard piano sound is due to bigger directivity and a little weird impulse
  4. Hangling
    I think Dynamic headphones have strong bass. But they often produce high levels of audio distortion. As for planar magnetic headphones, they have low sound distortion and better response.
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