Dutch/Belgian November 2012 meet
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I'll know more about the possible location in Heerlen this weekend.

I'm going to be really busy the coming weeks because of exams and whatnot, so I want to be settled on a location this weekend. Otherwise I'm going to have to either postpone the meet or ask someone else to organize it. It's in a little over 4 weeks!

I could also probably manage to organize it in Utrecht, but then not everyone will be able to come, so that's not ideal.
I'll send you a PM on Saturday.

I'd very likely be able to arrange the cellar in Soest (near Utrecht) again (see 8-'09 and 3-'11), and there is probably some more space available if needed (we didn't come close to 20 last time did we?).

OK, if Negakinu's location fails I'll turn to you. But as I said before we don't have whole lot of time.
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Are there people interested in trades or something like that too? I have an AKG K550 that i'd love to trade to something more fitting to my personal sound signature. (think sennheiser hd650)  And i really want to get open headphones again. My previous was closed too and I just miss the sound of an open headphone. I bought the K550 for a good price and for portable use but i'm going custom IEM soon.

I don't think I have anything to trade for your K550, unless... A Koss the Plug that I stepped on is kinda custom isn't it?? :)
Now I don't mean to turn this thread and/or the meeting into a swap meet, but I have a AKG K830bt and a Black CF (32GB) modded + Rockboxed 5G iPod (that could do with a screen replacement) that I no longer use. And I'm looking for a (trans)portable USB DAC/Amp (to lug back and forth to the office every day). I had some bad luck lately, the DAC of my iBasso D2+ is acting up, my external HDD died taking about 37GB of music and 3GB of family photo's down with it in the process :frowning2: And as always, things like this always happen just after you spent your entire toy-budget on a new laptop... Borked HDD has been replaced already, but like I said, need a new USB DAC too, so my E7 can go back to its home in the dock of the E9. So, if you have any DACs you want to trade for the pod or headphones or want to sell for *looks at piggybank* 8 euro... let me know... :)
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Oh darn, if only I would've seen this before!!! I can't make it the 18th..shoit. November is a bit tricky anyway for me this year besides the 25th, too bad. I'm looking to sell my ED9 but do not have the slightest idea of what to get instead. It'll have to pair with my Rockhopper Audio Balanced M3 and Apogee Duet. A meet was actually what I was waiting for to compare things, certainly as it was a long time ago there was one in the Netherlands (as far as I can recall, not a frequent member anymore). Anyway, I hope you all have a great day! 
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What is an ABX box?
And I don't know if i'm interested in those warfedales. It depends on how they sound. I guess I can also just sell him to anyone who is interested at the end of the meet. :wink:
Anyway we'll just see what happens. If I can't lose it here I can always sell it on marktplaats. 
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Got a green light on the location for November the 18th. We have the venue in Heerlen to ourselves between 11:00 and 16:00/17:00.

Enough tables, chairs and power extension cords for everyone. We even have catering (drinks/snacks). There will be a small contribution fee (think 5 euro per person). More info later. Tilpo and me are working out the details and we'll inform everyone, hopefully tomorrow. 
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w00t! We have a venue!!
See you guys the 18th, and if anyone wants to carpool with me from Tilburg to Heerlen, the offer still stands (Line-in on car audio system available, must warn you 'bout the horrible ground-loop tho. Oh and no Rap, modern R&B, Schlagers or Nederlandstalig :p). No costs involved other than letting me listen to your toys :)
And if anyone has a (dirt)cheap USB DAC for sale or a slightly less cheap USB DAC for trade (for K830bt) or a little nicer USB DAC for trade (for CF modded iPod) please let me know...  :)

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