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Dunu DN-2000 - Hybrid Impressions Thread (It's Here!)

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  1. 1TrickPony

    I personally haven't heard it myself but the Cardas A8 might be up your alley. Google for review with a frequency graph. There's one well written review and another thread too if you wanted further reading.
  2. malkan
    Thanks, the Cardas A8 are really good. I've tried them in a shop. My only concern is them having ports. I'm afraid, they won't isolate as good as DN-2000. I really want the same level of isolation (or better).
  3. fritobugger
    The 64 Audio U8 might be a good choice.
  4. malkan
    thanks, but they are way outside my budget. $1000 for IEMs isn't for me, I'd prefer to spend up to $500.
  5. HungryPanda
    The Noble X's on massdrop look good
  6. 1TrickPony
    malkan from what I was told by Joker, the dn2000 is pretty unique.

    The Titan 5 is probably the closest in my recent memory, though it felt not as refined and the 5 is more V shaped. I did appreciate the warmth added by the bass, but listening to vocal quartets weren't as balanced... YMMV.
  7. Luiz Santana
    Hi, this Dunu 2k in the Taobao site is original or fake? Dunu store ok?
    Do you know any agent that accepts paypal?
  8. fritobugger
    I have never seen a fake Dunu of any kind including the DN-2000.  I spend a fair amount of time in Shenzhen which is where I would expect to see any fakes.
    Not sure about Paypal.
    Luiz Santana likes this.
  9. fooboo
    Have a bit of problem getting 2000 from shenzhen amy store. they have
    it, but for the same product more than one offer. I.e.:
    One says 100% original, the other 2015. new...
    Which one to get?
    Best regards.
  10. phandrew
    I'm selling my D2000 if anyone is interested.
  11. datranz
    Still style best for iem I have.
  12. 1TrickPony

    +1. a benchmark for hybrids. very good for the price tag. it's been a great pleasure owning them - mids are truly enjoyable and the great bass extends superbly low exhibits superb, superb control.
    HungryPanda likes this.
  13. Ophiel
    I went to an audio store in japan last nov...they had row after row of iems for testing there. Was prepared to spend some money if i found one i liked but after spending about half an hour there i could find nothing that i liked better than the dn2000. The closest competitor were the wood series ones from jvc. Guess the sound signature had grown on me.
  14. Franklin
    FLC8S with blue filter (nozzle). I have one, and I come from DN2000. My sidegrade was mainly because the 8khz peak on DN2000. I'm very happy with FLC8S, worth de price gap. Only considerable disavantage is the FLC stock cable...

    I'm using GREY-BLACK-BLUE filters (less harshness, with more mids and bass than Dn-2000)...
  15. fooboo
    Seems I need an advice. Got Dunu 2000 and paired it with fiio X5 II.
    Have to add red and silver ring. The only tip I like so far is double bi flange, big one.
    My ear canal is not wide, but smaller tips just don't bring enough bass. I assume I
    would get comply or else, like spiraldot or spinfit. Foams, that comes with phones tend
    to be a bit big and high freqs shy. I see posts on the subject, but they are year and more
    old. Any opinion, especially since aliexpress offers foams on the budget side. A lot of
    comply t500 in all colors.
    At the moment I feel I really need help to choose correct tips. Foam, silicone, spherical,
    bi and tri pyramidal... Best regards all.
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