DT770 Pro 80 EQ question. Help greatly(!) appreciated.
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May 8, 2015
Hi! First time poster, here I recently got into the audio scene as it were and I was looking for some fun headphones. I was a razer pleb before so I wasn't really sure what sound signature my ears would appreciate.. A few months back I decided on the 770's along with a Xonar U7 amp. Not the best equipment out there but it seemed as a nice entry point. the reviews where generally positive and they were closed, which I like because the sound is "my own". I feel weirdly uncomfortable when people can listen to everything I listen to and I can't hear a sqeak of them.. Neither here nor there 
 To the point then. 
After reading up on EQ people were really, and I do mean REALLY divided. Some said to never do it and just accept what you have, others said it was okay as long as you EQ'd down etc. Why would I eq? Well, a couple of reasons. My right ear was damaged when diving a few years back and I lost like 25-30% of my hearing on it. It has since caused my left ear to compensate and be REALLY sensitive to sibilance and high frequency synths, to the point of pain. If you know the 770's, you already know my problem.. GREAT sets of cans.. They really make music feel alive (especially for a closed set)...but... They are PIERCINGLY sharp Clanging of swords in movies, kick drums and "housey synths" feel excruciating if mastered poorly. I also noticed the mids were abit too recessed for my liking.
I found the Frequency chart for them ( http://img1.lesnumeriques.com/test/74/7409/dt770-frequency-response.jpg ) and I went on my merry way to correct my problems with them.. I am unsure if I succeeded. I have a really perfectionist mindset and I could use some help. I don't want to muddy the sound signature of the cans as I do genuinely enjoy how they sound, but I want to correct them. My "problem frequencies" seem to lie between 6-12k. I also noticed that if I reduced the really low end (32-60hz) the bass felt more punchy as well.. On the graph, 3-4k seems REALLY recessed.. I tried to correct that too, but it just sounded horrible when I tried.. Does anyone have any pointers? How would you go about it, looking at the chart. Is that the correct chart btw? I read there have been like 99999 versions of the 770 throughout the years. Sorry if I'm asking dumb questions.. 
Thanks. Sorry for any grammatical errors :) 
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So far I've had success with 

60: -1.6
170: -0.4
310 - 3k: 0.0
6k: -1.2
12k: -1.7
14k: -0.2
16k: -0.2

Still not 100% happy. Whatever I change from here makes  the sound sound too closed, muddy, insert adjective here. I really need a second pair of ears, but failing that a new set of eyes will have to do :p  
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I'm guessing the Xonar U7's built in headphone amplifier does not really have enough power to really make the DT770 Pro 80-Ohm sound their best.
Also there are better headphones (more controlled bass and better mids) then the DT770 Pros.
So you might consider selling off the DT770 and getting something a little better (and less power demanding).

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