DT 990 Suddenly not working properly
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Jan 24, 2015
So I had my DT 990 for more than a year now, with fiio e10k. Had to change the cable once as the ending became lose, and had to solder two parts of the cable few months back as I 'accidentally' split it in half. But other than that my setup worked great for me. I used them mainly on my PC. 
However, this morning my DT 990 no longer work properly as they should. I tried to watch a YouTube video with them and the lower volume of the guy who was speaking felt really quiet and distorted, louder volumes such as the in-game sounds were much easier to hear but were still a little bit distorted. I tested them on my phone as well, same problem.
This is really confusing as I've left them over night on my desk and did absolutely nothing to them after that, they were working perfectly before this morning, so I have no idea what could of caused this, and how to fix it.
I tried twisting the cable everywhere to see if it would make any change indicating that it was a solder problem, however nothing changed. I also opened the main ear (left) and looked at the end soldering, they also look fine, and playing around with them gave no change in the sound whatsoever. 
Anyone knows what caused this, or how it can be fixed? Or is it just the end of the life for my headphones? 
@Edit: So I played around with them a little bit more. I found that if I pull the jack out slightly out of the amplifer socket and push it to the left the sound works great again. However, this only happens if I take it out slightly. So I'm assuming it is a faulty jack, but it looks perfectly fine. 

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