Dt 770 Pro/80 with Creative X-Fi HD USB soundcard
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New Head-Fier
Jan 30, 2012
I'm totally new here so hopefully get some tollerance for humble questions.
I already had the X-Fi HD and going to get the DT770 Pro/80 in days. So I wonder if the soundcard could drive the DT 770 that well since it's usb-powered. 
According to the spec on the X-fi's cover, output for headphone is 33 Ohms to 330 Ohms, so should I go for a 250 Ohm DT  (I'm listening to all kind of music from Hiphop to classical, jazz; not a basshead)
I read somewhere: "Beyer rates the 770 Pro at 100 mW. For the 80 ohm version, that’s 2.8 volts RMS and would be uber-loud", while my X-Fi output for headphone is about 1 Vrms, does it means the X-Fi would underpower the DT ?
Been searching around the forum but haven't found any same case with DT770 and X-fi HD, so I post this one. 
Thanks a bunch. Hope 4 help.

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