Door-mounted Chin-up/Pull-up bar (fi?)
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I posed this question to a busy runners' forum and got nearly no responses (it was actually a cross-training sub-forum and the responses I received were less than helpful). Any ways, now I turn to you all: Does anyone out there have any impressions/experiences etc. of door-mounted chin-up bars? (Such as the Easy Chin-up Bar) They seem to work pretty well but I'm wondering if it's all just marketing hype.
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I am a taller guy and I don't really like them because I always have to bend my legs so I won't touch the ground. It can definitely work, but if you are tall, the experience of a bar high enough that you don't have to worry about bending your legs is definitely nicer imo.
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I have that one, which is a "Made in China" pull up bar. It works pretty well, only thing I had to do was get longer bolts and better washers from the hardware store. I don't think spending $60-80 is worth it for a pull up bar, personally I like neutral grip I dont use the wide pull-up grip.

I agree with that is a bit of a pain seeing how the end part of the pull up bar meets with the door frame making wide chin ups harder to do.
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I used to do raises off the door frame by simply standing in the door way side on and grabbing either side of the top of the frame with my finger tips and pulling up.

Other times id stand straight on (as if walking through the doorway) just grab one side of the top of the door frame and pull up.

Totally free and probably does more for your strength.
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My advice is to have a permanently mounted rod or handle for the pull up. However I strongly recommend that you invest in a relatively cheap equipment called "Bull Worker" which consist of two steel cables on the side of a main spring. I have used it myself and have seen and feel postive results. It builds on all your body parts without leaving your home and takes up only a closet space for the equipment. Just spend 1 hour or more daily any time at your convenience even while watching TV.
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I got one with ab straps... works fine

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Thank you all. Some one you are pretty hardcore to just do it with your finger tips off the door frame. whoa. I am pretty tall and there is a spot at the entrance to the kitchen where I can install a traditional bar higher up than it if were mounted in a door. I think I will try that, my only question then is that at that spot, it is drywall rather than a wooden door frame. Will that scuttle my whole approach? Maybe it I replace the bolts that some with it and get longer ones? It's a rental apartment so maybe the door mounted ones is still the smartest.

I had to google bull worker. lol
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I have one and it works very well. Three different hand positions. No problems with bar slipping. I am 5'7" and about 150. For anyone much taller I'd imagine this wouldn't work very well.
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The metal brackets that your garage door slides along are (should be) built to support up to 280lbs or so, after verifying the mount kit, bolts etc were secure, I just started using it - that was 10ish years ago, the idea has stuck with me through the various homes I've had since. Works for palms away, palms toward. I've got pretty massive hands, so it's really comfortable. I'm really big on the whole idea of, "do I already have something that can accomplish the same end as some piece of workout kit"?
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Originally Posted by koven /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Iron Gym = amazing.


booya - you'll be man-love hot in no time!

all kidding aside, if you can't find a solution with something you already have or can rig up, please make sure to put it to good use - we need to save those raw materials for headphone amps and dacs in 80 years
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Dang that's all really good advice. I think I'm going to pull the trigger soon. Nothing around the house will work. No garage either. I have molding and doors but the doors are kind of flimsy and I will be doing this enough I rather have a decent bar. I'm kind of tall at 5'11" and maybe I should go with the tradition bar that can be place higher up in the kitchen entrence at about 7 feet? I worry about damage to the walls thou. I would definately upgrade the bolts too. Making sure I'm getting contact with the wood jam. beanth the dry wall.

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