Doge 6210
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Michael Avin

Apr 10, 2005
I had the good fortune of listening to a new Doge 6210 from Pacific Valves.
I listened long and hard to this amp and came away with the impression that this is a wonderful sounding tubilicious amp. It does not get the press it deserves. It went toe to toe with my Woo Audio 6 and it was a draw. It is very well made, heavy as a brick and very powerful sounding, with thunderous bass,wonderfully musical midrange and a very extended top end. It was equally at home driving high impedance Senns 600's and made the lower impedance AKG701's sound almost full bodied. I was impressed. A must listen to amp for for anyone interested in a fine tube amp under $750.00. Also Pacific Valve is a nice place to deal with and they offer a 30day return policy if not satisfied. I ultimately sent it back because my while it was slightly more dynamic than the Woo, the Woo had a more languid style that I ultimately preferred.

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