1. Mython Contributor
    Looks very alert & healthy for 14yrs old
  2. Quinto

    She is a very strong dog, never been sick, although she gets fat like a pig when you feed her a tiny bit to much lol..product of survival of the fittest I guess, those countries are brutal for dogs, although I've seen worse in Asia.
  3. Redcarmoose
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  4. frankraindog
    Chilling , listening to music
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  5. Quinto

    pictures taken today for his 2nd birthday...
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  6. Podster
    No fat on this fellow Quinto, Happy Birthday[​IMG]
    Chopper just turned 8 a few weks back, his new best friend is the guy who runs the local Shave Ice stand and he start dragging me now when he realizes where we are[​IMG]
  7. Redcarmoose

    One of my dogs in five and has been amazing me with her intelligence. She drinks water before we go out so she does not get thirsty. She rolls down car windows with the button? She also knows if I give her a treat at night that there is no way she will get another treat from my Wife.

    My dogs favorite thing is car rides, or motorcycle rides around town.
  8. frankraindog
    My little friend, got 14 years old yesterday.
    On this picture he's about 10 - 11
  9. Redcarmoose

    Lulu 11 months old.
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  10. Quinto

    Cute looking dog, these are very smart right? I have a soft spot for old have a recent picture?
  11. Quinto
    Cute, looks like a sweet, easy going dog..
  12. Quinto cute
  13. Redcarmoose

    Yes, we just got her four days ago. I was not sure how to judge her as she was fully with-out any emotion. Took her for three different hour long walks. The night of the third walk she then jumped up and put her paws on my shoulders to say hello, or I love you or what ever.

    Totally easy going, and smart. The second walk she dragged me across a field as that's where we went on the 1st walk. Didn't realize Husky Dogs howl much of the time, a new thing for us.
  14. Podster

    Chopper says THX Quinto[​IMG]
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  15. Redcarmoose

    Big light on inside that dogs eyes.

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