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Does anyone know the mW of the Ultrasone PRO 900?

  1. Morph91
    Usually headphone specifications would state the mW of the headphones, but i can't seem to find it anywhere. Could you tell me high mW headphones i could check out? I am used to zero distortion at fairly high volumes as i am used to listening to music through DJ headphones..
    Thanks in advance..
  2. ieee754
    What are you exactly asking about? mW is just a unit of power, it can mean many things (like headphone sensitivity or max input power).
  3. Morph91
    Would i be right in saying the lower the mW the more chance of distortion at higher volumes? If not then i have been told wrong..
  4. ieee754
    In context of distortion, I think you are talking about max input power. This parameter tells how much energy you can put into headphones before they will break. Perhaps it correlates somehow with distortion, but I believe that this is not even measured anyway, probably headphone manufacturers just measure their sensitivity, and then calculate power that could damage any driver (like 120dB) and list that as "max input power".
    I'm not sure how do you define distortion, but if you think about audible bass rattling, then it's more related to headphone driver quality than its power capabilities, specs won't tell you that. Also headphones can enhance distortion in the source, if they have a peaky/bright treble. I imagine that you will hear a lot of distortion in music (from source) since PRO 900 are known for having a mid treble peak.
  5. Morph91
    I see, i did try the Sennheiser HD650 and past a certain volume i encountered some bass distortion but maybe that's because i was using the Asus Xonar Essence STX, but even when i used the EHP-O2D i encountered the same problem. It could just be my music tastes. I listen to harder styles of Dance music so maybe the headphones can't cope with the music after a certain volume (not painfully loud).

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