do Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10vi have a "memory wire" in the cable? can they be worn over the ear?
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Dec 1, 2004
edit: i didn't realize i was posting in the full-size headphone forum, thus, can a moderator please delete this post.

i will be getting an iphone soon, and am looking at the various in ear monitors that have a microphone integrated in the wire.

it appears that both the Etymotic hf2 and Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5vi have "plain" cables that are primarily meant to hang straight down. is this the case with the Triple.Fi 10vi? i had thought that the regular Triple.Fi had some form of memory wire for over the ear wearing.

in the event that none of these have a memory wire, can they still be worn comfortably over the ear? will the mic still be in a useable location?

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Oct 27, 2008
The picture on the UE site shows the dude wearing them both hanging down and over the ear, so I'd guess that they do have a memory wire. You can always email UE to get a definitive answer. They were prompt and polite when I asked similar questions about the 10vi.

I previously owned the 4vi, and while I was not impressed much with it, it did have the best mic and button setup of any of the earphones I tried (apple, etymotic hf2, and 4vi). From the pix on the UE site, the 10vi appears to have the same mic setup as the 4vi, albeit as a replaceable cable.

The button and mic are separate, an dboth are quite small and discreet compared to other brands. The mic is low enough that should still be functional when worn over the ear. The button hangs several inches lower than the mic. I really liked that, though some people do not. The main complaint I read about the button being lower was by folks in cold climates where the might have to unbutton a coat to get to the button. That wasn't an issue for me, and as I say, I really liked that about the 4vi.

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