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Do retailers now have too many ways of communicating with customers?

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by kt66, Nov 21, 2014.
  1. KT66
    After a frustrating day spent trying to buy a pair of headphones, it has struck me that retailers
    are not doing themselves any favours by being available in EVERY way.
    A typical UK retailer now will have the following ways of communication with the customer;
    * Telephone - landline
    * Fax
    * Mobile (Cell) call
    * Mobile (Cell) text
    * Direct Email
    * Email contact via web site
    * Twitter
    * Facebook
    * Google +
    this is surely too diluted ? I do feel sorry for retailers at the moment.
    I know a phone call will always win, but how on earth does a 21 C retailer manage all these different streams of communicating?
    It must almost be a full time job.
    Therefore I assume quite a few sales and opportunities are being missed, which is bad for them and the industry as a whole.
    Should they strip down to just one or two? That would make everyone a bit more efficient.
    Or you end up with unhappy customers (like me today) awaiting a reply to a method that may not be monitored.
    I always resort to Twitter to try and force a reply, which should not be necessary.
    Thoughts from distributors, retailers and customers would be really welcome
  2. Jamey Warren Contributor
    We focus on email and telephone. Our customers don't seem to utilize any of the other methods you mention for support. We get a rare question or two on Facebook each month and occasionally a shout out on Twitter. We handle thousands of email and phone contacts every week.
  3. KT66
    Thanks Jamey, is that direct email or via your web site contact ?

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