Do I really need a sound card with this motherboard and headphones (Asrock Fatal1ty Professional & HD668B)
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Sep 24, 2013
Hi guys,
Lurked around this community every time I see headphones on sale from slickdeals to try to get some good input and finally had a question that
wasn't already answered. 
I'm currently running a P67 Asrock fatal1ty Professional series motherboard. As far as the brand goes this board is up there in terms of their personal line-up.
The onboard sound chip its running is THX certified (if that even means anything) and came with trustudio pro software.
Before I had some creative fatal1ty headsets and loved them due to their light weight so movement wouldn't have them fall off my head. When I got the board the audio quality increased
maybe 4 fold due to the trustudio software. I switched to g930s around last year because I couldn't stand headset wires anymore.
Fast forward to now and I just ordered a pair of new hd668b's for 35 shipped (damn good) and am in need of guidance.
Would this board need a sound card and would the difference be noticeable. 
I actually have the option of buying a HT omega striker for $20 used but I've read that it sucks as a gaming sound card
I game 95% of the time on my computer. The only time I'll even listen to music is when I'm trying to find some for my phone so I was thinking of getting a DG if its a worthy option.
Strapped for cash atm since I just moved to a bigger house and am trying to help out financially as much as possible to take some of the load off my parents so a DG or the used
HT is probably my only option atm.
edit: didn't read the PM till after I made my first post, hope I'm not in trouble o.o
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Might just be easier to plug the HD668B straight into the motherboard.
Maybe just wait until you think you have more spare cash.
Also it I'm not sure about Xonar DG (CMI8786) verses Striker (CMI8770), as their audio processors are almost the same, the Xonar DG does come with a basic headphone amplifier.
The Xonar DG uses Dolby, and I believe the Striker uses DTS.

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