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Do audiophile prefer MacOS over Windows for audiophile playback?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by The Socialist Nerd, May 23, 2019.
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  1. The Socialist Nerd
    I am curious if folks nowadays prefer Mac over Windows machines for audiophile playback, particularly on this forum.
  2. Whazzzup
    Neither but Mac wins otherwise :)
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I'm sure most people on this forum use a Windows PC.
  4. Whazzzup
    Size matters I guess
  5. global communication
    Mac's always worked perfectly fo me
  6. theveterans
    WIndows PC for me, and foobar2000 only uses 0.3% CPU utilization on my Surface Pro when playing 24/96 files.

    ASIO/WASAPI sounds much better than Core Audio for me
  7. audiobomber
    I have no interest in being locked into Apple World. Windows is just so much more universal.
  8. Renpetra
    Hello i’m using mac mini with windows server 2012 r2 installed and audiophile optimizer with rooncore to deliver music to another computer with hqplayer installed on it.
    There usb out to a breeze audio converter usb-spdif balanced then to my lyngdorf dpa-1 preamplifier.

    This setup is very smooth like tube amp audio played over my martin logan request speakers.
  9. Delmetrice
    I agree 100%, and the resource use for foobar almost makes it worth using on it's own. Although I do enjoy my MacBook for travel, and I've never felt the need to get a portable DAC.
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  10. Peter Hyatt
    Anyone struggling with hi res file storage?

    I use MacBook Pro and have nearly 1TB of FLAC --- I have it backed up external hard drive, and this week tried the Cloud. It seemed to slow down the computer, so I removed it. I use Aurdivana out to Hugo2.

    I wonder if I should consider a separate windows lap top just for music?

    Not having physical music is uncomfortable for me (age) -- If I have posted this in the wrong place, apologies (and guidance).
  11. bfreedma

    It's unlikely that the slowdown was due to the type of file. Is it possible that your local storage is near capacity, which could cause a slowdown?

    1TB isn't that large a data set these days - 4TB and larger external drives are relatively inexpensive.
  12. Peter Hyatt

    Yes I’m at near capacity. I thought that putting the music into the iCloud meant freeing up the laptop.

    I have much to learn.

    I’d like to have my entire library in Audirvana —
  13. bfreedma
    Is it possible you copied files to iCloud (leaving the original copy on your local drive) rather than moving them, which would remove the local version of the file?

    If you’re tight on space, I’d recommend buying an external drive to add capacity. A nearly full drive can significantly decrease performance as the disk needs to seek small discontinuous areas of free space to store standard and temporary files.
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  14. HamsterJ
    I understand the advent of an open platform, but especially for audio I just believe my Mac sounds better than my Windows PC, especially right from the box: the jack for example is just perfect on the MacBook Pro or Mac Mini, while on Windows you’d better always go through USB. And by default no headache with ASPI, buy the high range Sennheiser stuff and it just works :wink:

    Now for higher resolution iTunes and the midi app isn’t so convenient, but some apps can help. I personally love power friction and 16/44.1 with good remasters sounds just perfect to my ears.

    Now about iTunes: yes it’s not the best and can also crash on Windows, a shame, but even though there’s always better and Roon in particular is great, I love the simplicity of Mac / iPad / iPhone sync and the play count feature.
  15. PopZeus
    The audio quality from Audirvana for Mac to my external DAC has been excellent, with minimal technical issues in the past. None recently. iTunes and the default system audio sounds okay, but it's noticeably noisier than Audirvana in HQ isolated mode. On the other hand, because iOS make everything above 256 kbps AAC inconvenient, I don't think it's great for audiophiles. Sure, the bluetooth performance is relatively hassle-free and sonically engaging for what it is, but unless you are willing to commit to a device like the Q5 or Audeze Mobius, audio quality is strictly for casual listening. Even then, the Mobius sounds much better in LDAC mode. Not sure what the Q5's performance is, but I'd imagine it's at least competent.

    I've no need for a Windows PC, so I don't know how it works for audiophiles.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
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