DMB in Dallas - A Mini Review of the Show
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Jun 20, 2001
Thought I'd throw this up here... with all the "great concert" threads I've seen, this might be interesting to some.

First of all, we got to the American Airlines Center at 2:30, and the concert started at 7:00. Why did we do that you might ask? Well, we wanted to meet the band. We pulled up and were the first people there in the parking lot, and there was a bus outside the AAC, so we got excited. Turns out the band wasn't on the bus, and about then we met Greg and Stephanie from Amarillo I believe, great people, huge fans, there early for the same reason we were
After about an hour Stephanie screamed out "A bus, a bus!" We all ran across the parking lot, jumped over some bushes, ran some more, jumped some more... Got over and found all the band's busses (8 plus a semi). Sure enough it was the band's bus, but they had an underground parking area that went straight into the arena, so we missed the band, and almost got kicked out by a security guard in the process

So the show started around 7:00, the opener was ok, nice music, then the band came out around 8:10 or 8:15... So here's a blow by blow on the setlist...

Too Much - Great way to open the show. Very high energy, and the crowd was into it. Dave and the band were really into it as well. Good way to start a great show!

I Did It - Very mediocre song on Everyday, but decent live. It was energetic, Dave seemed really into it, and most of the fans seemed excited to hear it, including me

Rhyme and Reason - Not a dull moment... So far a very upbeat, driving setlist. This song kept the crowd pumped up, everyone was goin' crazy. Really good performance of the song too.

You Never Know - Not many people knew or recognized the song because its only been played in concerts this year, and will be one of the two new songs on Busted Stuff (rest of the album are Lillywhites), released this July. Its a more mellow, really amazing song. The lyrics are beautiful, as is the instrumentation. Can't wait to hear the studio version.

The Space Between - One of only two disappointments for me. The song is ok, but has been way overplayed, and just doesn't get me excited. Well, ok, so it was still exciting being there during the song, 'cause everyone seemed to really be enjoying it, but I had hoped we could do without this one, maybe replace it with Captain

Grey Street - HOLY CRAP! I love Grey Street, it was an amazing performance of the song, and strangely the only Lillywhite performed. One of the highlights of the show IMO. The crowds are starting to get familiar with Grey Street now, so more and more people are singin' along and really getting into it. Awesome song

What Would You Say - Really got the crowd pumped up. Its been played alot this tour, but hey, I'm not complaining. Its a great song and deserves to be played alot.

Where Are You Going - The other new song that'll be on Busted Stuff this July. Its a very good song, not as good as You Never Know IMO, but still great to hear live. Previously, before this tour, it had only been played solo acoustic, and the band did add quite a bit. So this gave us a taste of what the studio version will be like.

What You Are - Ok, this song was good for an Everyday song when it came out, and it was a good live song for last year's tour, but WOW! This was definitely one of my favorite moments of the concert. The new outro is amazing, and the whole song is played with probably more energy than any other song they play. This has turned into one of the best live songs out there IMO.

One Sweet World - Very nice instrumental intro, alot of people didn't recognize it til they actually started the song, but I was smilin' through the whole intro 'cause I knew what was coming. One Sweet World is a really good song, and great live, so I was excited to hear it.

Crush - I finally got to hear Crush live! Crush is a beautiful, romantic song on BTCS, and is spectacular live. They jammed it out at the end, and was definitely another highlight for me.

Drive In Drive Out - Good energetic song. Got the crowd pumped up, and was a good performance of the song. Wasn't on my dream setlist, but I was glad to hear it

Don't Burn the Pig - This WAS on my dream setlist, and I was so excited when I heard that first note! Boyd tore it up on the violin in this song. They didn't play this hardly any last tour, and have been playin' it alot this year. I don't think I'd ever get tired of hearing it live...

Two Step - Two Step is a great song, but last night was special. Butch Taylor was on the keyboard, and he was just amazing. He jammed for probably 8-10 minutes, and it never got dull or repetetive. Man, Butch can really play. I really glad he was there last night, 'cause he just added so much to this song, as well as
the others.

Sleep to Dream Her - I really like this song, the lyics are hauntingly beautiful, and the instrumentation is certainly different, but nice. However, this song provided my second disappointment for the night... Usually they'll lead this song into Grace is Gone, and the didn't. I really wanted to hear GiG, but what came next was amazing in its own right...

Ants Marching - Whoa! STDH into Ants Marching? Nice
Boyd made this song. He was goin' crazy the whole time... Man, hope I hear this one again next year

Encore Break... Dave made us wait a while before he came back on, but here is the break down of the encore.

Everyday - Solo acoustic, and nice, but I hoped he would play #36->Everyday->#36. Still, first time Everyday was played this tour, and it was a nice surprise.

Tripping Billies - VERY nice closer. Everyone was goin' crazy, the band included. A nice break from the Watchtower closers everyone is used to. Definitely a great, high energy way to close the concert.

Ok, what's the common thread for all the songs? High energy! Man, this wasn't the greatest setlist I've seen, but its probably the most energetic concert I've been to (4th DMB concert). My favorite moments of the concert were probably Pig, Crush, What You Are, and You Never Know. But all of it was good. I got to hear some songs that I'd never heard live before, and the other songs were awesome. Overall, I'm not sure how this compares to last year. Last year was LONG, I'm talkin' about 3 1/2 hours long... This was about an hour shorter, but it seems liked the packed so much in. I came home exhausted, and got to take 2 finals today, but it was worth it
Comments are welcome...
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Oct 19, 2001
Very cool, thanks for sharing your experience Flumpus.

I noticed that their shows have been getting longer this year, so hopefully they'll hit their stride with some 3+ hrs shows.

I haven't been able to obtain any tickets to their shows....they seem to be gone by the time their offered to the public

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