DIYMOD RME line out caps
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Jun 18, 2008
anyone modded the line out on a RME hammerfall 9632. I remember seeing a while ago on here that someone had modded their HDSP 9632 with blackgate caps being one of the mods. I'm building a VCAP dock for my DIYMOD and i'm putting dock in, RCA in/out, minijack in/out; making it useful with anythng that had the output coupling caps either removed or left out on purpose. the latter is what i'm doing with the bantam i'm building and this got me thinking about a few things/ I riun 2 RME interfaces at home; 1 RME fireface 400 mulichannel interface (this I will leave the way it is, not ready to mod such an expensive interface, as well as the fact that i'm usedf to the way it sounds for mastering duties. But the HDSP 9632 i'm interested in removing the caps so I can use the vCAP 'dock' with it and see what the RME is capable of.

So i'm wondering if anyone here has any idea how this would be achieved or where I might find the info i'm looking for.

any help would be much appreciated

thanks in advance

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