DIY LOD and Interconnect.
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Oct 6, 2012
Hi there Head-Fi, long time browser, first time poster. I was wondering if I could possibly pick some brains ... 
So I've just won an auction for a busted Zune 30GB and I was thinking of picking up one of the Zune LOD cables from China. Then I started looking at the price of the parts and think I might as well have a go at making my own. I've found the Zune LOD connector over at Qables. I've found the jacks I want, now I just need to work out what wire to use and how many poles I need on the 3.5mm jack end. 
Am I right in thinking for a LOD a 3 pole jack is right? Left | Right | Ground ? 
And with cable, I'm looking at the Canare L-4E6S Star Quad (also from Qables) Will this be good enough for both LOD and Interconnect if I twist the two for ground together? Or what would you recommend?
On a side note with that cable, I'm guessing (having never seen any split open) that there is a way to tell the difference between the Blue and White internal wires? A printed marker of some description?
I'm looking at using the Yarbo GY 3.5GB 3.5mm jacks, as my Dad use to rave about Yarbo and they looks the nuts. Now I'm sure I read a DIY guide to making the Zune LOD somewhere, just can't seem to find it now, anyone know of one? Need to check the info I got about resistors. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated by this total Noob in DIY audio.

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