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Dissection of a UE VI cable and mic plug pin out

  1. Seven1816
    This is my first ever post here and it seems to be a wealth of info from everybody. I'm a lowly kinda IEM guy, I owned a pair of Altec Lansing UHP336 and a pair of UE SF3, both use UEs' VI for connection on my Samsung android phone. Just lastweek I was unlucky enough to lose my Altecs and it drove me crazy, this left me with just my SF3, it's just the principle.........
    Anyway I had inadvertantly stocked up on a few sets of UE VI mic cables a few months ago, which made me purchase a set of TF10s.......thats another story.
    I had a broken UE VI cable, and recently I found a place selling replacement 3.5mm mic plugs, which I've ordered and wait for delivery, in the meantime I thought I'd read up on the pin outs of the 3.5mm plug for wiring and there seems to be conflicting info, so I set about finding out the truth. I also dissected the UE line ready to solder it onto the new plug.
    First thing is the UE IV cable is 5 core, Red, Green, Bronze with Red and a Pure Bronze with a White cable embedded, after some fun with a multimeter and hot solder, I managed to determine which wire did what.
    The photos show the broken next to a good working example. I hope all UE VI cables use the same colour coding otherwise it will mean nothing to you. As they say a picture is worth 1000 words.

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