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discrete opamps in dac worth it?

  1. udo

    Instead of a Zapfilter, would discrete opamps in a Zhaolu D3.5 or even D2.5 be enough of an upgrade to compare to a Zapfilter?
    Any experiences, advice you'd like to share on this?
    Please do share!
  2. tomb
    The Zhaolu is probably a bit old, now. You may find better performing DACs these days.

    That said, yes - a discrete opamp probably would make a difference compared to the standard output opamp (OPA2504?). However, the usual cautions apply. The Zhaolu's construction leaves very little room. Depending on the kind of discrete opamp, there may be no way to fit them in there. It may not be worth it from that aspect alone. You might try listening to it for awhile before deciding to upgrade it.
  3. udo
    Thank you for your reply.
    Better implementation/performance than the Zhaolu at similar pricing?

    Would the Zhaolu support a few discrete opamps with the standard PSU in the D3.5? (20mA+ per opamp?)

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