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Disappointed by JH Audio quality control and finishing

  1. lontonglah
    I just received my JH 16 last week (7 Jan) and it is a perfect fit, not to mention the awesome eargasmic sound it produced.
    However, my balloon of joy was soon burst after I noticed an "extra bore" in the left monitor (bottom picture), as pointed by the arrow. After a while, I realized that the extra bore is caused by the bubble formed at the side (top picture), which is not connected to the sound tube (thankfully, i guess?)
    Now, I am usually not a picky person when it comes to aesthetic stuff. However, I can't be helped not to feel disappointed at the lack of quality control of the finishing. It is still working fine now. But, I am worried that this "extra bore" might cause unforeseen problem in the future.
    I email repairs@ on 7 Jan. After 3 working days, still no reply, then I email angie@ on 10 Jan. Until now, it has been 6 working days, still not a single note of acknowledgment from them. I am clearly disappointed by their poor quality control and customer service which leave much to be desired.

  2. axl1
    My exact sentiments when I received my JH16 last year. I have a UM Mage before I went to JH16 and for build quality, JH can't beat the likes of UM, Heir ...just to name a few.
    Their saving grace is the quality of sound. But build quality indirectly determines how long your CIEM will last. For this reason, my next CIEM would be from UM or HEIR - their quality is top notch.
    Come on JH, look into the quality department will ya! and of course the service too while you're at it.
  3. Marshal Banana
    I can understand your disappointment. Buying some JH13 from them was my worst experience ever as a customer. I had several fit issues, balance issues (and they had no clue why, I had to ask to another CIEM company to find the solution of the problem!) and cosmetic issues (that appears several times after sending back my IEMs to their after service). I had to resend my IEM 9 times before they managed to do something ok with my IEM (not good, not great, just OK!). During the refitting process, several times they did the exact contrary that I asked! It's always a pain to get an answer when you send an e-mail to them. EVERY single time I had to send the same mail at last 2 or 3 times before getting any answer. They had answered several times to me with an incredible bad faith. The all process took like 9 month and I'm not 100% satisfied. Now I'm tired of all this **** and decided to live with an 100% not perfect fit 1100$ CIEM. I will never deal with those people for sure!
  4. lontonglah
    yea, totally man, so much so for having faith on a "Made in USA" brand. Now I even doubted myself if I want to go through the repair process at all because for now the sound still works totally fine (or so i think). But who knows, after the repair, they may have some new funny problem coming up. I have this reservation because I am overseas customer and shipping costs a bomb :frowning2:
  5. SpudHarris Contributor
    Not good enough is it.... I too had similar experiences and just couldn't live with not being 100% satisfied after spending such an amout of cash. I sold my 13's on to someone for reshelling in the end.
    Colour was wrong
    Fit was poor
    Had a loose armature in the right side which rattled
    Sent back a total of 6 times
    Frustrating not being able to get answers and also time my monitors spent in customs each time because UK guys didn't beleive they were warranty repairs. Man, I'm starting to get angry again!!
    Had a set of UM's a while later (once I thought I could trust again [​IMG]) and the experience was faultless. Now I have Westone ES5 via the earplugstore in US and again, faultless experience. Great fit 1st time, super build and finish and I was kept informed every step of the process. I know it doesn't help the OP but at least we feel your pain. I will never, ever spend money time or effort on JH products again, worst buying experience of my journey thus far.
    Good luck, I hope you get closure.
  6. Tamz
    I have both CIEM from JH and UM perfect fit first time from both companies.
    although I waited for my JH3A for 5 months (amp unit shortage or some crap), but for UM I ordered Merlin + reshelling my good old westone 3 takes UM only 22 days including shipping(to UM and back from UM).
    I guess it depends on how good the impression is and simply luck.
    Might try westone next see whats what.
  7. lontonglah
    so, they finally reply to my query after I post the complain publicly on their facebook page. Jaime said there will be no effect on my sound whatsover. Do you guys  think it could be true? In any case, I am kinda reluctant to send it back again to them, seeing from their poor track record of customer service. who knows, some new issue could happen later
  8. Sleinzel
    If you are fine with the sound at the moment, just keep it. IF it breaks in 2 years, you can buy a new one from another company and be happy... Sending the iem to them seems like a bad idea.
  9. goodvibes
    It's absolutely true. It's a tiny cavity that has no effect on the seal or bores.
    They pick up the phone and have a repair return page on their site. Fill it out and ship them off if you need to but personally, If they fit great, I wouldn't bother. I just looked at that pic magnified and I'd definitely not worry about it.
  10. goodvibes
    Break? Magnify the shot. No reason for concern. Plenty of us get fine service from them. A certain % are not going to be a success. That # goes up with volume and unhappy cutomers do tend to enter most of these threads. I certainly understand others relaying their experiences.
    I just sent mine to have the left side shortened. They picked up the phone to discuss what to do, directed me to fill out a form on the site to complete the process and I'll have them back in about 10 days including shipping. They fit great but my ear geometry was damping the highs a bit too much on the L. Painless so far. It's a pro company and do things in an easy enough to follow way, if you do so.
    This small bubble issue is unfortunate but not something to get worked up about. This sort of thing has zero effect on the sound, longevity or look unless you stare down the barrel. The sort of thing that falls into the noise after some use. You know, like after you paint a wall and see every mistake but totally don't later.
  11. Sleinzel

    What I wanted to say is, if he thinks the support is bad, then he should just stick with another company. Whatever he will do, they'll never change there way of support, if only a small amount of people is complaining about.
  12. goodvibes
    I think that's a rather obvious and personal option. I was simply reaffirming that he has nothing functional to worry about. Using terms like break when it is completely foreign to his situation will do the opposite.
  13. Sleinzel
    Yeah, I think my first post was kinda strange. The second one describes it a little bit better :p
  14. goodvibes
    Got mine back today. Great fit and balance.[​IMG]

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