Digital Music Storage and Playback Options
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indeed - a NAS is not only cheaper, but is 100x more flexible than any of those "music servers"
all hard drives can be hidden away in a closet, thus the noise is a null issue.  this is a huge savings over anything solid state, allows for redundancy, and is far more future proof.  the NAS can be accessed by any future device that can communicate via wifi.  it can also be used by every single computer in your household!  should you wish to upgrade the NAS, the harddrives are removable.  want your music at the office?  even mid-tier NAS devices allow remote access via the internet! 
at the same time, you can adjust the interface at will.  say you prefer the sonos remote today, and buy that.  next year, however, you wish you had a touch screen interface such as the latest squeezebox offering - you wouldnt even need to toss the sonos, but could with ease add BOTH interfaces to the same system. 
i highly suggest putting up with the initial setup hassle (all of a few hours tops), for the sake of long-term ease, reliability, and upgrade-ability. 
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what about this:
for sale on audiocircle forums
I like the older model looks better then the new, below i believe is their new one... whats with the lame text on top of the units!

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