DEUX 2in/4out FireWire Audio Interface (recruiting beta tester)
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Oct 5, 2005

SIMS, they are releasing new firewire interface.
and they are looking for beta testers....

maybe it's a good chance to try this out.
nothing to lose though
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Interesting, but I don't know if I'd surrender full price just to write a review. Technically, they aren't obligated to give the money back, and it could be a pain to get a refund.


"Only 10 people who send deposit will be enrolled in beta testing program."

So, you send them $169, and maybe you'll be chosen.
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hasnt it been out for awhile? it's been on ncix for a month at least

also, i cant go to the link?
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hey so, at some point when you graduate from learning to read, to being able to read, you'll notice all these strange symbols

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that day, will eventually come, and hopefully, that day, is today
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lol didnt read the year

thats ok, did anyone actually buy this?
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From what I have tested they are not to bad at all. You don't see many of them around because they are rather new to North America.
Auzentech has picked up distributorship for the products over here.

To note, they have a advocate program which can get you free audio hardware.
I haven't read in detail about what they want in return but if your interested have a look.

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