Desperately try to replace SHURE E4/SCL4 - What to choose??
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Feb 15, 2015
I'm a professional musician. I'm used to Shure E4's. I've had about 4-5 pairs during the years. My last pair just died a few weeks ago. I'm trying to replace them with a sonically equivalent product and I'm have a hard time for different reasons:
- Any newer Shure product SHAPE doesn't fit my ears. At all. I bought a set of 535 (sounded muddy to me), and I had a very hard time getting a good seal (needed the larger Olive plug type) and I feel pain about 30 minutes after I wear them.
- I did try/owned many different products - Shure E5, 535, Etymotic ER4S, UltimeEars UE900, Westone UMpro 10, RHA 750, misc Sony's, and I also happen to own a pair of molded 1964 V6 (also tried the V6S), and believe it or not, I'm always coming back to the E4! I like those 'forward' mids. To me, they just sound like studio monitors. That's what I want. I don't like molded in-ears cause they don't offer enough isolation to me (at least, the 1964 don't). And they are not that comfy, being in hard plastic.
- I did find some ok sounding in-ears, but the seal (due to my un-conventional ear canal?) is not good enough. I like a straight in-line shape (like the E3/E4). I need the best possible seal, 40-50 db wouldn't be too much for me, if it exists...
- I've had in-ears with different sound tube or 'nozzle' size. Browsing the Comply web site, I realized there's only 5 sizes, from T100 to T500. The model/size I want is T100. There's many models using T200, but they just don't fit my ears. The tube is too large, resulting in not enough outer foam which leads to poor isolation. BTW, I still prefer the yellow foam Shure tips, or the newer Olives tips, and the medium size fits my ear pretty well.
- I prefer to wear the cable over the ears.
- I like smaller in-ear like the E4, I like to insert them deep in my ear canal. Once again, better isolation, and better bass.
- I HATE microphonics cables (Etys are pretty poor in that department)
- I have very fragile ears (tinnitus, hyperacousis) so I now listen to music / live mix at a very low level (65 dba equivalent), so I want a product that will deliver a nice overall balance at low level.
So, in resume, i want: GREAT isolation, mid forward, small-inline shape, T100 size tips. Price unimportant!
Thanks for your help and suggestions!
David C.

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