Desktop headphone/earphone conundrum (member since 2005)
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May 15, 2005
I used to be an active member a long time ago and have since been at "stable-fi" for many years now.

Current set-up:
Topping D10
Audeze LCD 2 Closed back

On the go:
Sony wf-1000xm4

I mainly use my headphones for gaming and other computer related activity such as youtube and the occasional music listening. Sadly I don't listen to nearly as much music as I used to. Sometimes my sessions are long and I find the Audezes are too uncomfortable. I also play competetive FPS games and (I know this sounds crazy) sometimes the soundstage feels too wide to accurately pinpoint the direction of the sound.

I am looking for something comfortable, good sounding with a very accurate soundstage that needs to be closed or properly isolating as I share this space with my TV watching girlfriend. For music listening I need there to be speed with a tight bass, fun sounding without being too shrill. I really disliked the Focal Elegia for example. In all honesty I really like the Audeze LCD2 Closed back sound, my only issue is comfort.

Another option is modding the LCDs to increase comfort. I am not really bothered by the weight but more concerned with the point of contact on top of my head, it seems wierd that the head keeps touching the hard metal and in extended sessions this is somewhat painful.

I am currently strongly concidering the Sennheiser ie600 since earphones provide good isolation and comfort. I am slightly concerned that they will have harsh treble and that the step back in soundstage and sound quality is too large. I am not looking to upgrade but rather stay at approximately the same cost. I really enjoy "bang for the buck" mentality.

My pretty extensive history starting at 2005:

Etymotic ER-6i (good but not enough bass for me at 16 years old)
Grado SR80 (too open and sibilant for me)
Sennheiser HD25-1 (excellent, used until they broke and I felt the need to upgrade)
DT770 pro (too round sounding, not enough details)
Sennheiser HD650 (excellent but needed isolation so they needed to go)
Oppo PM3 (Great, one driver eventually died and Oppo audio no longer exists so I upgraded)
Sony 1000xm (still on occasional use but I now prefer the wf xm4 because of convenience)
Sennheiser ie800 (returned because they didnt stay in my ear canal, did love the sound though)
Etymotics ER4XR (didnt quite satisfy me anymore even though I thought they would)
Klipsch x12i (Used underneath motorcycle helmet)
Audeze LCD 2 Closed Back - Current upgrade from the PM3s.

And many more that I can't remember anymore.
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