Design your own DAP
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Feb 5, 2016
The one I would want desperately would be the 'Cecta 83T' . It would be a dark grey colour and a vertical design approach, compact and with a graphite like plastic make-up. It would have 2 Cirrus CS4398 Dual stereo DAC setup and sound computery.... it goes perfectly with my R-Type World destiny that I think I have managed to earn. The iBasso DX80 is the closest thing to it that's available. The button layout would be a standard circle like the iPod and the screen would be simple with computer-style code layout with either green or blue writing.
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Perfect DAP for me would be something like Shanling M1 but with back made of some good quality textured polymer instead of fragile glass and double the battery life. No touch screen.

Other option would be Cowon M2 with it's great form factor and battery but with much faster SoC to make it usable and modern IPS screen instead of 20 years old panel they use. Of course DAC with hi-res support also as an upgrade and USB C.
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