Describing my needs - recommendation?
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Oct 11, 2008
after much deliberation, I ordered a pair of Yuin PK2's.. Now i'm looking at replacing my Samsung YP-K3 for a better player. So, to start w/, the I've re-ripped much of my music to a higher bitrate, thus the 2GB doesn't go near as far. I am not an audiophile, so hope someone can translate laymen term to recommendation.
Music wise.. I listen to alot of Pink Floyd. I answered a q on phones by saying I want to hear every ting of the symbol in Shine on You Crazy Diamond. Crispness in my music is what I'm hoping for. I don't need booming bass.
Portability is important, as I will be carrying this for travel and hope to have it fit in a shirt pocket...

What else can I list? Been tempted by the Cowon D2 for a bit.. still don't know if that is one for the best Sound Quality..

OH.. no more than 150 dollars was my hope.. I don't really need 16M..
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Aug 31, 2008
Cowon D2 is a great player and is very popular around here since it has good sound quality, it is portable, has a nice screen and has expandable storage. If you don't want an iPod here are some options that you should be able to find quite easily.

If you want to go completely featureless (just plain music playback) the Cowon iAudio 7 (or something like that) and the Sansa Clip are both very nice and portable options. These compare to the iPod Shuffle except it has a screen.

If you're going slightly higher up, there are a lot of good mp3 players in this category where it is portable and has some features, like the iPod Nano. The D2, some of those Sony Players or some of the lower end Zunes.

If you want storage space and you're going non-iPod I think the Zune 80/120 is the only way to go if you don't want a brick. But I think these go a bit over 150.
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Sep 12, 2008
under usd150 and no need more than 16GB?
listed below are all the popular options, in no particular orders.

D2 8gb/16gb
iAudio 7 8gb/16gb
Zune 8gb/16gb
Nano 4G 8gb/16gb
Sony A728/A729
Sansa Fuze 8gb
Sansa Clip 8gb

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