Denver, Colorado Mini-Meet (Dec 12?)
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Dec 19, 2007
Denver, CO
Who wants to do something? I can only take so many people - it's my home. And the more we get, the noisier things are and the less objective anyone can be - and I like to put out impressions from my meets

It'd be nice to see some new faces - I know I've got Denver people hiding in the woodwork

Rough date for this now will be December 13th - a Saturday.

If you have any interest, go ahead and post or PM me and let me know what you've got - it'd be nice if we could setup something reasonable like a mini shoot-out of three solid state amps in the same price range - things of this nature (with any kind of gear).

You can get ahold of me via an instant messenger (I've got my contact info listed under my avatar on the left here) or if you prefer to call me, just PM for the number

I am looking for people eager to listen & learn (fresh newbs with no gear are welcomed) and offer feedback

I live around i-25 & Hampden / i-25 & Yale, to give you an idea

Myself, I'll likely have the following:

Oppo 981 as transport
Parasound D/AC 1100
Graham Slee Solo w/ PSU1
Ultrasone Edition 9 w/ APS V3
..Maybe a Graham Slee Novo

So, let's hear from you

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