Dent in tweeters effect sound quality?
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Dec 17, 2007
Hi. I recently bought a set of speakers brand new, when they arrived I checked them over and noticed they have a small line dent in one of the tweeters. My question is are they likely to effect the sound quality? The speakers are SX4's from Mission, so not cheap speakers. I asked the manufacturer about the tweeter and they said its very unlikely I would be able to notice the sound difference for a small mark. The issue is, I feel It doesn't sound as clear as the other speaker. Potentially this could be me being paranoid. I've attached a pic of the tweeter for reference. Anyone know if this is likely to be a problem?
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Honestly with it being a tweeter that won't be doing much excursion you probably won't hear a difference. There WILL be one, it will just be so subtle that you shouldn't notice.
If it were me, I'd still send it back. You paid for a product, you better get it in perfect condition.
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You could try an old trick that I saw my dealer friend perform and it worked. Get a piece of Scotch tape and make a loop. Apply the tape loop to the dented area and then gently pull it out. It may take a few tries and do it gently. Just trying to be helpful.
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The tweeter is obviously damaged and there are probably be some issues you can't see as a result of it being dropped or whatever happened. I would send it back and ask for a replacement. It looks like a metal dome so trying to pull out the dent will be difficult.
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The process of pushing in the tweeter dome may have scraped and damaged the voice coil. This would affect the sound quality.

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