Denon C751, 1st IEMs
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Jun 2, 2009
well ive got a few questions for you guys

this is a chart over at a website
just wanted to know what you guys think of it, is it accurate? biased?

I'm rather cheap but I want good headphones. ($0-25)

JVC HA-FX 33/34 "Marshmallow"
JVC HA-FX 66 "Air Cushion"
These ones are about $25

Koss KSC-75
This one can usually be found for between $5 and $20

JVC gumy Usually around $10
Yuin PK3 Usually around $50

I'm not that cheap, I just want something value ($50-100)

Denon C351
Creative EP630
Sennheiser CX300
Westone 1 (about $100 for these ones)
Etymotic ER6i
Shure SE115
Denon C551

Grado SR60 One HELL of a good deal.
Grado SR80
Sennheiser HD280
Alessandro MS1
Denon D1000/D1001
Ranges from $50-100, ascending in price

Yuin PK2 Usually around $80

I have some money to spend on headphones and I want something great ($100-200)

Westone 1
Etymotic ER4p
Shure SE210
Denon C700/750/751
Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 pro
All these are closer to $150, give or take a bit

Full Size
Audiotechnica AD700
Grado SR125
Grado SR225Beyerdynamic DT770

I have more than $200 to spend.

UE Triple Fi 10
Shure SE420
Shure SE530
Westone 2
Westone 3
Sennheiser IE8
FreQ Shows
These range from about $250 to $350 (Triple.Fi, SE530, Westone 3, IE8 are generally considered four of the best universals you can purchase)

i was kinda basing buying the um1s off this chart
however, after some extensive reading here at head-fi, ive came to realize that the um1 are just not for me. they are comfortable (id like this), but they are not bass heavy and the sq isnt as good as other head phones.

i have read they are sort of muffled? and i was reading about the C751, they are supposed to be bass heavy...
i can get them for 111$ over at amazon Denon AHC751K In-ear Headphones (Black): Electronics

so what do you guys think of the denons? is the sound clear? i would prefer really clear headphones, etc

i listen to a lot of bass heavy genres, such as hip pop, dance, trance, etc..

do you guys think the denons are right for me as far as sq, and bass goes?

thanks a lot
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The list seems more or less accurate, although it is a bit out of date, and is missing a lot of competitors in the two low end ranges. They also don't have the phonak, atrio or um3x and they forgot about the yuin buds after the 50-100 range.

FWIW the biggest problem with the UM1 is the sibilance. Plus, they seem a bit outdated, as in their price no longer seems to match their performance.

I have heard only good things about the C751, but I'm not an expert on these phones and have never heard them.
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Originally Posted by mark2410 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
they are clear and have some good thumping bass on them

clearer than what the um1 would sound?

and i would think the bass isnt THAT heavy that it over powers the sound quality, right?
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I loved my Denon C700, they were great for indie and rock, especially some of my old rolling Stones and David Bowie that need good mid range presentation to enjoy.

But, folks around here with your taste in music often prefer the Atrio.
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Originally Posted by rubberchickenmx /img/forum/go_quote.gif
ya ok thanks
ill just research them separately...

looks like ill be getting the denon c751 after all
thanks a lot

I've had the 751s for a year or so, love them except for mids can be a bit forward on some material. Bass is great but natural. I just got a pair of UE 700s and so far the 751s win handily.

Edit - on further listening I am now calling it a draw ... Denons have more bass, too much as it turns out on some material. The midrange can also have a tendency to be a bit too forward. The UE 700s certainly have less bass, but in some cases that is a good thing. The midranges are more balanced than the Denons, and the highs are extraordinary, esp. with Comply tips to cut down a bit on the sparkle. I now listen to both quite a bit; I suspect the UEs are a bit more neutral, and they are great with vocals / instrumentals, but on rock / pop / dance the Denons are more fun.

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