Denon C551 vs. Sony MDR EX90
May 22, 2008 at 8:16 PM Post #18 of 19
From what i've read, I think the cx400s will be noticeably better in mids and highs than the ep630, which i own.

Back to the topic, cramkay, i find myself in the exact same position as you!
I have the EP630s and have been reading reviews on the C551 (mostly by soozieq) and was a hair away from asking my friend who's in the US now to buy a pair for me (they're hard to find in Singapore), but the reviews on RE2 indicate good soundstage and they are REALLY attractive for $80 incl. international shipping...
May 23, 2008 at 4:27 AM Post #19 of 19
Yes vincent, i guess every listener goes thru this kind of dilemma once he gets into headfi!
thats a good thing ofcourse! coming back, been listening to the UM1s for quite some time, i feel the sound is so detailed that when i went back to the ep630, the soud felt all muddy and bloated. (altho i felt um1s had no bass and no treble either) my question is do dynamic phones necessarily produce sound which is less detailed and more muddy than the armature? or does it depend mostly on the model?

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