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Defective Beyerdynamic Custom Studio?

  1. LongKick64
    Bought new headphones Beyerdynamic Custom Studio and did not understand, I bought a defective copy (see photo)? Why is the right bowl a little higher than the left one? Bought in a very famous online store, new! Who has exactly the same headphones, can you tell me what they look like?

    Last edited: Jul 22, 2018
  2. GREQ
    Headband is bendable spring steel, so it will retain some memory of strong bending.
    Many users of Beyerdynamic headphones (and other brands with steel headbands) stretch out the steel headband for a more loose and comfortable fit.

    It's possible it was handled roughly in the factory or simply slipped under the QC radar.
    Nothing a bit of light bending won't fix though.
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  3. serman005
    You can gently bend it back into position. It will be fine. :)
  4. LongKick64
    I tried, it didn't work( I think the problem is not in the headband, but the metal forks on which to hold the bowl. One of the forks is bent more than the other.

  5. LongKick64
    The problem was solved by buying new headphones. New headphones don't have this problem:

  6. GREQ
    This problem could have easily been solved by bending this part of the headband.
    But I won't tell you how to spend your own money.
  7. LongKick64
    You don't have to worry about my money) I got my money back for the defective headphones and bought new ones in another store.
  8. GREQ
    Ah, glad it all worked out in the end.
  9. LongKick64

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