Deep Purple 3rd album review
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Apr 28, 2002
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Apr 28, 2002
Deep Purple Mark I lineup is as follows. Richie Blackmore on lead guitar. Ian Paice on drums. Jon Lord on keyboards and organ. Rod Evans on vocals, and Nicky Simper on bass.

When most people think of Deep Purple the first lineup that comes to mind is most likely the classic one of Ian Gillian on vocals that started in 1970. However most people don't even know that Deep Purple had been making music since 1968 under a different lineup of Rod Evans on vocals and what good music it was. This lineup made the first three albums from the bands catalog.

This CD features seven songs. All are unique and none sound the same. The sound quality on the album is very lousy even for 1970 standards however the songs are so good that it is a small gripe only. Not a big deal. This album also features one of the strangest album covers I have ever seen. It featues a small picture of the band surrounded by naked women and other strange objects.

Chasing Shadows-A great opener to start of with. Blackmore has plenty of nice chops on this song and a amazing guitar solo in the middle of the track.

Blind-Another very solid song with yet another great showing of skill from all members of the band. Lead singer Evans really is a great singer and really shines on this track.

Lalena-A very touching song with great singing once again from Evans. Evans has a remarkable ability to create moods that Ian Gillian could not even come close to duplicating.

The Painter-Blackmore once again proves that he can play with the best of them. His solos on this track really showcase his ability of playing very fast with not any noticable mistakes. Also drummer Ian Paice puts on a great show.

Why Didn't Rosemary?-The first average track of the album. The mix on this song is so awful you can't even make out the drums and the guitar solo is barely audible.

Bird Has Flown-Another average track. The song seems to just go on and on with no real effect on the listener.

April-BORING. The first seven minutes is just some kind of orcestra playing vilolins and whatever else a orcestra plays. The band finally starts playing around the eight minute mark and the song just lumbers along for another three minutes with no effect what so ever.

Overall the first three Deep Purple albums are grossly underrated and can stand up to anything the band has ever done in my opinion.
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