Decent DAC in Canada.
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Mar 4, 2009
I'm assuming this is what I'm looking for at least. As of right now I'm either running my Hd595's off my cowon s9 or off my pc. I bought a ibasso p3 some time ago and find no use for it. Connected to both my pc and s9 I don't notice much difference in sq, then I read that a DAC would almost be necessary. So here I am..

As the title states, I'm looking for a decent DAC that's shipping FROM Canada. Price has to be <$200, hopefully much less. Any info or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a hotaudio bit perfect. Excellent dac. Check out hotaudio on Ebay, you may be able to get it from him for less than $89. Hotaudio is located in Winnepeg. Great service.
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