Debating the DT990 and others..
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Jan 26, 2006
I really love my 5Pro's, more so than many other IEM's I've tried. (Shure E4, Etymotic ER-6) The sound is warmer and definitely better in the low frequencies. The high-highs are a bit rolled off, enough to be more laid back and enjoyable but not sacrificing on quality IMO. It's not harsh or sibilant, unlike what I've noticed in the Ety's and a bit in the Shure E4C.

So now taking this knowledge I'd like to apply it towards buying a good set of headphones. Logically given everything I've said it sounds like maybe a Beyer DT990 would fit well. Sounds like the 770's are for bassheads, so I'll politely turn towards the 990's given the choice, thank you.

In fact the only thing keeping me from buying the DT990 right now is the appearance. I know thats a bit stupid, considering I'm buying it for the sound but in my price range there is also the new AKG K 601's. Which look and, from what I've heard, sound amazing if not a bit weak on bass.

Also there are a few variations of the DT990 I've noticed. I'll be driving it from a 5th gen iPod, and not always through an amp. (though i do have a cmoy
) Which model would suit this source best and where is a good place to buy such a headphone?
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Jan 22, 2006
My ipod Mini is actually able to drive the DT990 to listening volume at about 2/3 of max volume. I do notice that straight of Ipod Mini (without amp), it sounds muddy and bass is boomy. Using GoVibe really improve everything for me.

Regarding the appearance, the grille on the earpieces makes they look bad IMO. They don't look any better in person compared to the picture.

I don't think the old DT990 (250 ohm) will suit your need then. These can be found used in this forum for around $120. I saw a new one at Amazon for $157.

The new DT990(32 ohm) looks good and might be best for you but is priced quite high. Don't know where to buy it though...

I think the K601 has completely different sound signature from the DT990s.
I had the K501 (which supposedly has similarities in sound to K601), and thought that they did horribly in handling rock music. They do have some amazing midrange and sound very airy. Also, the K601 is priced somewhere between the old DT990 and new DT990 which makes everything more complicated

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