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DAPs leather cases by Valentinum

  1. cleg
    I don't know about others, but I'm a big fan of cases. I like this perfect feel of real leather. I'm a fan of stitches, flips and so on. So, I've decided to share a link to a good ETSY shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/VALENTINUM
    I've got few cases from them, and they all are really beautiful both in terms of materials and craft quality.
    They can create custom solutions, so you can contact this shop and order everything you want: custom colors, straps, flips, and so on. They have big choice of leather, including exclusive ones. You want something unusual like a double case for DAP and amp? It's doable too.

    Sorry, if this post looks like some kind of advertisement, but I really like this cases, so I can't stay neutral enough :)

    il_570xN.1204744702_256y.jpg il_570xN.1215994732_65mb.jpg il_570xN.1229634795_d8ym.jpg il_570xN.1255615729_q0rj.jpg il_570xN.1263219653_mfa3.jpg
  2. mickeyduff
    IMG_20170627_115150_kindlephoto-12998795.jpg Have just received my case from Valentinum for my Plenue 1, he did not do one but found the dimensions and made me one within 2 days and received a week later. The quality is excellent and layout is spot on with all buttons easily accessible. I would highly recommend these cases as far better then the majority on Ebay, Tuffluv included. I will certainly be buying another when I change my DAP.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2017
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  3. mickeyduff
    Excellent IMG_20170627_115256_kindlephoto-12504553.jpg
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  4. cleg
    I've posted this photo in other thread, but I think it should be posted here too :)
    Genuine crocodile leather case for A&K SP1000 8-Style Shot with Case.jpg
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  5. cleg
    Some work in progress photos for SP1000 case

    IMG_5503.JPG IMG_5505.JPG IMG_5506.JPG IMG_5507.JPG IMG_5508.JPG IMG_5509.JPG IMG_5510.JPG IMG_5511.JPG IMG_5512.JPG IMG_5513.JPG
  6. cleg
    New case for my SP1000

  7. Number9redreD
    Woah, what iems are they? They’re beautiful.
  8. cleg
    that's LAM-7C from Kyiv Ambient Acoustics laboratory https://ambient-acoustics.ua

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