DAP setup for AKG K240 phones (55ohm)
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Oct 31, 2008
Hi everyone,

I've got perforated eardrums (long story) so I had to choose some semi-open cans rather than the FOTM/usual closed-back or IEM choices. I'm happy with these phones on my home setup, but the shuffle my wife uses now her nano has died just can't cope - the sound is tinny, lightweight and lacks bass presence and treble clarity... midrange is just dull.

Living in Australia, the Sansa Clip is about $75, the iAudio 7 is about $149 (4GB) and the D2 (4GB) is $199. I don't need a screen etc and don't tend to carry a massive amount of music around with me - about 2 dozen podcasts plus a random selection of tunes. Something small, compact and still with good output & SQ is what I'm after, so please can I have some suggestions?

VFM is important to my wife, SQ is important to me. And will I need an amp to get the best out of the source? If so, what's a good ROI amp, preferably available in Australia?
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May 5, 2008
You should check out the new sony S Series players, see if they might be a viable option. The SQ is fantastic, they have an FM tuner, they come in small capacity (4/68/16gb), and the battery life is rated @40hrs. Audition 1 and see if you need to use an amp. I have a D2 8gb, and I have a Sony A829 (16gb). the D2 is 37mw per channel, and the A829 @5mw per channel. If I have the A829 @50% volume, and the D2 @50% volume, BOTH players have the exact same loudness w/the same set of headphones swapped between the 2 players. Seems that Sony just understated the specs. The Sony's are a definite choice that should be added to your search.

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