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DAP Recommendations - Fiio or Hiby

  1. CoupleofBigGulps
    My primary source currently is Spotify Premium so I am looking for a DAP that can do Spotify and preferably in offline mode so Andriod and wifi is a must. Second requirement is price, about $300. I have been looking in the direction of the Fiio x5 MKIII at right around $350 new on Amazon. But I see the original X7 (body only) is about $250 plus an amp module comes out to the same cost. Then enter the Hiby r3. I am currently using my Galaxy S8 paired with a Fiio Q1 MKII and I enjoy the volume output on my MEE PX's and Hifiman RE00 so the big question is which combo would be similar to the phone+amp/dac that I am using now.
  2. CoupleofBigGulps
    I also see the Onkyo DP-X1 floats around the $400 price point which is not out of my budget either and has all the same functionality
  3. Me x3
    You might consider upgrading the Q1 Mark II to the new Q5 which has the same DACs as X5 3rd Gen and the amp stage of the flagship X7 Mark II. Price is closer to X5 3rd Gen, so that's a bonus. The Q5 is really good DAC/AMP and allows you to mantain the interface you're used to (Galaxy S8).
  4. Will Chiu
    Well I once used the fiio x5iii and it sounded good. But I returned it within 1 week because of the lags and bugs...
  5. Will Chiu
    So I agree that you may want to try out the Q5. I heard that it sounds even better than the x5iii
  6. CoupleofBigGulps
    I haven't really found any overly positive reviews on the x5iii. I am really trying to ditch the phone - amp/combo and use something only for music and leave the phone for phone-stuff. I'm starting to realize anything sub $500 is not worth it.
  7. mwillis
    How about the Shanling M3s DAP? Same DAC as the Q5 so I'm sure the sound will be just about the same. Only negative from what I can find is the battery life which doesn't seem too great compared to other DAPs (~13 hours unbalanced, probably measured with MP3 rather than FLAC, but your mileage may vary). I've had an eye on it for a little while now, I'd love to find more reviews on it.

    EDIT: Nevermind, you can't load apps on it, sorry about that.
  8. Will Chiu
    Well the m3s does not have touch screen, which is another concern
  9. CoupleofBigGulps
    I ended up buying the x5mkiii on eBay yesterday using the 15% coupon making it $254 shipped brand new. I think for that price its worth the entry into the world of DAP's. The irony is this has all come full circle for me. I remember back in 2008 getting the iPhone 3g and I was so stoked that it had the iPod integrated into the phone. I was tired of carrying my iPod and my phone. Now, I don't want to listen to music on the phone I'd rather use a dedicated player. Funny how things change.
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  10. Will Chiu
    Congrats. It is nice that you finally get what you enjoy
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