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DAP Recommendation and IEM help

  1. HazardousHunter

    I am an avid music listener not an audiophile yet. Right now my current Audio possessions are XZ Premium, Sony XB950BT and BGVP DM6(Ordered).

    I require a DAP that pairs well with DM6 and..
    * is Portable
    * can be used as a DAC with Laptop or Smartphone
    * portable
    * should have balanced (4. 4 would be better, seems to be future standard)

    I won't be able to constantly upgrade the DAP at short intervals, so would prefer something reliable.
    ZX300A seems an option, please Guide


    Required a Cheapie IEM(incl. wireless)under 50$ that is good for watching movies or a series mostly, has decent bass and for some music too. This one will be mostly used while commuting regularly..

    Please feel free to suggest and Thanks in advance.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Check out Massdrop for DAPs.
    I doubt a headphone with a balanced connection is going to be something widely adopted in the future.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
  3. HazardousHunter
    Initially was looking in Hiby R3 territory, now ok with ZX300A or similar priced alternative.

    I meant other companies may start using 4.4 as an better alternative for 2.5mm.

    also please suggest under 50$ IEM for watching movies when on the go.


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