DAP or DAC/Amp with low noise floor
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Joshua Bernstein

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Nov 13, 2018
Hi everyone,

I recently went to a shop looking for some IEM's. I tried a bunch, and fell in love with a pair of new-old-stock Campfire Audio Orions, I instantly fell in love with their smooth, relaxed sound. Great for easy listening.

Anyway, as with many other IEM's I've tried, they have a pretty high sensitivity and are prone to hiss. Does anybody know of a DAP or portable DAC/Amp that could kill the hiss? I'd prefer a DAC/Amp over a DAP, my budget is around $400. Currently using a Fiio E17k which wasn't hissy with my Oppo Pm-3's, but hisses with the Orions. They hiss pretty badly on my Mac, and the least hiss comes from my Samsung Galaxy S9's headphone jack.

Thank you!
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Try a LG v20 =) ..yes it's a phone....not DAC/head phone amp..... but it's just bloody awesome.... I use V20 with Campfire Andromeda....i do not hear any noise..... for me it's crystal clear.
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Shanling M5s is quiet for sensitive IEMs. Very dark background. FiiO M11 looks to offer more features and similar performance. Haven't heard that one yet though.
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I have a Samsung Note 9 so i understand what you mean.
I found that the Astell&Kernn SR15 is a fantastic DAP. i havent heard any hiss at any volume.

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