Dallas peoples roll call
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Jan 1, 2002
Not long ago, Dallas was ruler of all Head-Fi meets.

Today, we are the silent city. Even the Canadians are beginning to rise up and unite against us. Soon memories will fade and we will be the forgotten ones.

Who will join with me to defeat these evil folk from the north and the west? No one?

Then who would, at least, gather together with me to listen to music over headphones, BS and speculate and enjoy a beer or two?
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Count me in. You haven't heard from me lately because I'm moving and changing up a few things. It's a shame that you don't own a house, because I have since transported the Oris Project to someone else's house... rather than let it waste away in storage.
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Ahh! You aren't enjoying the Oris system everyday? I'm still around... I've just been buying and listening to music lately. Thinking about acquiring a new pair of speakers... I'm up for it though!
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Fantastic as it is, I'm actually considering selling the Oris. Why would I consider something so obviously insane? Major life changes afoot! Purchasing a home is one of these goals.

Once these are accomplished, I'll be diving right back into Oris-ville with the larger Oris 150 horns and the vastly more expensive AER-BD3 drivers. I love the Oris but I am no longer at a place in my life where I can come home and enjoy it... "home" being the key word here, as I am moving again.

Rather than stash it in storage for a year or two, I'd rather give someone the opportunity to enjoy them.

I'll post a notice in the For Sale section. Jerikl, if you are geniunely interested, I'll give you first dibs on it. Having a local person to work with would be preferable since I could easily assist with all I have learned about the system over the past year... i.e. how to make it better than it has ever been.
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Oh I'm interested in the system... but when money and space come into play, I'm out. But then again, if I had the money and space for the system, I'd probably already have one. Well, hope that the sale of the Oris and the buying of the house go well. I think I'm about to dive into a small little project. I've heard that the Parts Express BR-1 speaker kit is something nice for the small sum of $139. Talk with ya later...
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Just curious...
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I've been out of the Head-Fi loop for a while with a busted computer and a new girlfriend, but I did go on a headphone spending spree last August, buying HP-2's, the SAC 1000 amp for the AKG K-1000's, HD600's with Equinox, and some cheaper headphones (Sony V-6's and Porta Pros). I'd get together again, especially to listen to Kelly's RKV again.

I couldn't believe my eyes to see that Nick is even considering selling the Oris System--after all that work and waiting. BUT, it's nice to see that despite all of that, there is an audiophile whose priorities are still where they should be.
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I'd like to do a get together but my place is completely not an option (it's tiny even when it's not so wrecked). Anyone able to volunteer a spot?

OTOH, if any of you guys wanna grab dinner or a beer sometime (no headphones required), I'm up for that too.
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I suppose I have enough living room space to host another meet, but I don't have much in the way of tables for the equipment. If I can locate some more tables, then we might be in business, if there is enough interest.

Maybe Nick or Kelly could secure loaner models from Headroom (e.g. MOH) and ASL (e.g. Twinhead) again. We might not have much that was new from the last meet, but it's always fun and helpful to just listen. Although Kelly has reviewed a number of items since the last meet, I'm not sure what he still has on hand.
It may not be possible to top the quantity and quality of gear we had at Nick's last summer.

Anyway . . . just throwin' it out there.
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I still have a good bit of gear of my own--some of it you guys haven't heard yet. Only four or five people wouldn't be a huge turnout, but then again, maybe we'd get some more interesting comparisons done if the place wasn't so packed with people anyway?
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Correction: I'm NOT selling the Oris. Remember, my primary motivation was to avoid putting it in storage, only to remove it a year later to do an upgrade.

I'll be moving the Oris to Austin, my second home away from home. I'll be spending plenty of time down there. If you want to demo it, you'll have to come down... and why not? Austin is a great town!

Count me in for the meeting. I don't have anything to contribute this time, materially speaking. Well, that isn't completely true. With the cooler weather kicking in, I'd be happy to share my precious Johnnie Walker Gold Scotch.
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Heey... I'm down in Austin every now and then. Wouldn't mind hearing the beast again
I'm thinking of building the Foreplay sometime soon. What do you think?

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