DAC/Amp for LCD-3 recommendations?
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Sep 11, 2019
Vancouver, Canada
Hi folks!

I’ve gotten pretty heavily into headphones over the past year, previously being a strict 2.1 guy. Right now I’m using my LCD-3 and a set of Klipsch HP-3 pretty heavily, and looking into trying out some mid-high range Grados.

I’ve had a couple headphone specific DAC/amp setups, the best of which was a Modi Multibit and a Vali 2 on my work desk, but I always seem to rotate back to just plugging into my amp, which is convenient because they also always drive whatever speakers I’m using. My home desk is a Pro-Ject MaiA, my work desk is a NAD D3020 V2, and my 2.1 setup is a Rega Brio. (I have an old Aune T1 somewhere still, but it’s mostly a cute desk ornament).

I always wonder, though, if I’m letting my nicer cans down a bit with this approach. I am interested in trying out a nicer headphone specific DAC/amp, but I can’t exactly pack up my cans and go plug them into stuff right now. I’d love to see if I’d be even happier with my headphones (and I suspect this would be the case for all but the Rega, which I bought because it impressed me more than amps costing 2-3x the price).

I’d love to see what you more knowledgeable folks suggest I try. RME ADI2? Bifrost/Val? I’m all ears!

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