D4 Mamba DAC no longer working?

  1. fish3191
    I purchased a D4 several months ago and have been using it as a DAC on my Macbook pro17 inch.  It has worked great ever since I got it.  Just this past week though, I noticed that the DAC would stop working and would no longer show up on the audio list on my computer.  I checked my D4 and noticed that the usb cable was a little loose in the usb port of the D4.  But the cable has always been able to wiggle a slight bit.  I tried wiggling the cable and did notice that the DAC would show up for a quick second on the computer.  Now it no longer will show up.  The blue light and red light still light up on the DAC, but the DAC will not work.  I know the problem is not with the computer since I have checked the usb ports on the computer with multiple devices and they all have worked except for the D4.  The D4 is in pristine condition and I don't understand why this would happen.  If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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